explo design

Yuji Fujimura [Senior Student '98] works for the Humanscale Corporation, a New York City-based manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture. His designs – the most acclaimed of which was the Fleur Chair – have won the Good Design Award and the Building Design Magazine Award.  

internet + technology

Dina Kaplan [Intermediate Student '84-'85] is the co-founder of blip.tv, a website specializing in online video, videoblogging, and podcasting – “the kind of stuff you might find on television but don’t.”  

  Christopher Hoadley [Intermediate Faculty '90-'91], an associate professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University, designs, builds, and studies ways for computers to enhance collaboration and learning in middle and high school classrooms.

Garett Wiley [Senior Student '82] is the vice president of corporate development at Red 5 Studios, a developer of massively multiplayer online (MMO) video games such as Starcraft®, Legend of the Five Rings®, and Dungeons & Dragons®. Prior to Red 5, Garett co-founded and was managing director of NewRiver, Inc, a database company specializing in financial services.

Erik Schwartz [Senior Student '78, '80] managed the creation of Yahoo!’s core suite of entertainment products – Y! Movies, Y! TV, Y! Music, and Y! Radio – before moving on to co-found Foneshow, a cell phone media content provider. Erik is also an avid sailor, with more than 10,000 solo miles and two trans-Pacific races under his belt.  

explo in the news

Kimberly Dozier [Senior Student '80-'81] is a CBS News correspondent who, since 2003, has worked primarily in Baghdad covering the Middle East and Iraq war.  

Rona Marech [Senior Student '86; Faculty '90-'92, '94] is a staff writer for the Baltimore Sun covering local political news. Prior to working at the Sun, Rona wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle for seven years.

Hilary Black [Intermediate Student '85, Senior Faculty '90] is the Editor-in-Chief of Tango, a women’s magazine offering relationship and love advice.

  Dorothea Hunter [Student Junior '94, Intermediate '95-'96, Senior '98] is an editorial assistant and contributing writer for O Magazine, Oprah Winfrey’s women’s life journal.

Jason Farago [Intermediate Student '96-'97] is a journalist and critic living in London, where he works as an editor for the online news source Newser.com as an editor.  

Kyla Cullinane [Intermediate Student '92] is an anchor for KAMR, the NBC affiliate station in Amarillo, Texas. Kyla was also a subject in an article in the satirical newspaper The Onion.

behind the camera

  Max Frankston [Senior Student '79] is a regular on Saturday Night Live’s film unit and has worked on film assist projects for the films Sex and the City: The Movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Enchanted, and Spider-Man 3. Max is also a documentary filmmaker whose films include Callie 9/11, which records his daughter Callie’s reaction to the World Trade Center attacks, and Just Into Girls, a film about a nursery school love triangle.

Nicholas Grad [Senior Student '86] is the Vice President for Original Programming at FX. Shows he has worked on include Nip/Tuck, The Shield, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Mayumi Shimokawa [Senior Student '92] is a matte painter for Hollywood films. Mayumi’s work – which is both traditional and digital – has appeared in numerous films, among them Pirates of the Caribbean, Happy Feet, Superman Returns, and Fantastic Four.

Nick Spooner [Intermediate Faculty '88] writes and directs television commercials for The Artists Company. Nick’s recent ads include spots for Mazda, Pinesol disinfectant, and Cellular South, among others.

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